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Version 0.3.0: Rise of the RoboGoblins

[Image displays drawings of six goblins of varying heights. At the top reads: MediaGoblin 0.3.0; Rise of the RoboGoblins. From left to right there is: a short boxy brown robot with a number 2 on their chest; a taller white goblin with tread wheels wearing a bowtie; a taller and thin white goblin with sharp teeth and a more featureless design; another tall white goblin that is more bulky and with protective padding; a short white goblin with yellow eyes that is using a hi-tech tablet phone; a short boxy maroon goblin with the number 1 on their chest; and another short boxy goblin, this one is pinkish and holds a number 3 on their chest ]


7 years, 7 months ago

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